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The benefits of UV technology

A technology barded with assets

The speed

Polymerization is almost instantaneous. The passage from the molecule to the polymer material takes place in a few tenths of a second under intense irradiation. As a result, it requires only a small amount of energy.

The reduction or absence of VOCs

Photopolymerisations are usually carried out at room temperature, with resins containing no solvents, which reduces the emission of VOCs, volatile organic compounds, and therefore polluting vapours.

Space control

Crosslinking occurs only in spatially well-defined areas, those exposed to light radiation, which allows high-resolution relief images to be produced.

Time control

The reaction can be triggered at a precise moment and stopped at any moment, thanks to a time control of the irradiation.

The intensity of the source

The intensity of the light source is modulable according to a very broad spectrum, which makes it possible to control the starting speed.

Frontal polymerization controlled at room temperature

By acting on the wavelength of the light radiation and/or on the concentration of photoinitiators, the depth of light penetration and therefore the thickness of the polymer layer formed can be adjusted. This can vary from a few micrometers to several millimeters.

Single-component formulations

With a very long life, in the absence of any direct exposure to light.

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During R&D for the formulation of a coating, an adhesive, an inkjet or advanced materials for 3D printing, our creativity and sense of innovation help you quickly identify the right solution.

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