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PnP Check & Optimize

Improve your current solution

Your current solution does not meet all your specifications? Looking to improve your formulations? Thanks to 25 years of expertise and numerous successful developments, PnP is your privileged interlocutor to bring you solutions that fully meet your expectations.


  • Proven expertise.

  • An objective opinion on the difficulties you encounter.

  • Blind analysis of your formulations.

  • A quick mapping of the performance and weaknesses of your current solution.

  • Access to a very high level technical platform, adapted to photopolymers.

  • A fast delay: less than three weeks.


  • Detailed report of analyses and characterizations.

  • Several possible solutions and optimization.

  • Precise, reasoned and scientifically justified recommendations.

  • Recommendations to improve the technical and economic efficiency of the solutions implemented.


Our support approach


Performance analysis

  • Conversion rate according to irradiation dose.
  • Physico-chemical analyses.
  • Adequacy of light and photoreactivity.

Expert opinion

  • Findings and synthesis.
  • Possibilities for optimization.

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Our services

PnP Screening Solutions
During R&D for the formulation of a coating, an adhesive, an inkjet or advanced materials for 3D printing, our creativity and sense of innovation help you quickly identify the right solution.

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PnP Custom development
You have an innovative product idea or a particular need in photopolymer materials - varnish, inkjet, glue, advanced materials for 3D printing - to meet the expectations of a potential market?

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PnP Consulting
We bring you an informed opinion on a problem or a development in progress or in gestation. Whether it is a material analysis or a failure or even a reverse engineering analysis, we provide objective advice.

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PnP Training
PnP, Photon & Polymers' training organisation approval enables them to offer training on all the issues associated with photopolymer materials.

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PnP Check & Optimize
Your current solution does not meet all your specifications? Looking to improve your formulations?

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Photon & Polymers benefits from a CIR-CréditImpôtRecherche accreditation. Photon & Polymers' Research and Development operations are eligible for the Research Tax Credit.

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