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The Technical Platform

The Technical Platform

An R&D tool that meets your expectations

To accompany the development of your innovative projects, PnP has equipped itself with the latest RTFTIR, Profilo3D and thermomechanical characterization techniques.

To better control surface properties and interactions at the nanoscale, we have invested in several surface and interface characterization equipment. Moreover, our agreements with various laboratories and universities give us privileged access to very sophisticated techniques such as XPS, electron microscopy - SIMS, MEB, TEM HRTEM -, spectroscopic ellipsometry, X-ray diffraction...

With regard to our research in the field of formulation, our investigations of nanocomposite materials, as well as colloidal dispersion, we have acquired the latest generation equipment for nano-grinding and characterization. PnP is thus able to characterize nanoparticlesfrom 5 to 5,000 nm.

PnP has a very high level technical platform, hence the very wide spectrum of characterization and analysis techniques for polymer materials:

  • RTFTIR spectroscopy: Bruker, Nicolet, Mattson

  • Infrared microscopy : Nicolet

  • UVVis single and dual beam spectroscopy: Cary, Beckman

  • Thermomechanical analysis techniques DSC, DMA, SDT : Shimadzu, Netzsch and TAinstruments

  • Rh&rheometer and viscometer: Brookfield, Bohlin...

  • Tensile tests

  • Flexo-Bally for leather

  • Characterization of surface energies: contact angle GBX and Kruss

  • Optical profilometer : 3D, resolution in z 100 nm

  • Ceramic nanoball mill : Wab & Netzsch

  • Particle size measurement from 5 nm to 10 000 nm : Horiba & Nanotrac

  • Numerous radiometers and spectroradiometers

  • More than ten sources of UV irradiation: Exfo, Fusion, XenonUV, Hamamatsu, HOYA, leds...;

  • Taber abrasion

  • Hardness Persoz and König

  • Glossmeter

  • Colorimeter

  • Adhesion test... ;

How do we support the success of your project?

PnP, Photon & Polymers, is a private R&D laboratory Spin-off from the CNRS. It develops functional coatings for its customers - anti-scratch, anti-fog, anti-graffiti, antimicrobial, anti-icing... -, inkjet UV inks for industrial personalization, as well as nanocomposite materials. By exploiting the properties of UV technology and photopolymerisation, two productive, ultra-fast and ecological technologies.




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Photon & Polymers benefits from a CIR-CréditImpôtRecherche accreditation. Photon & Polymers' Research and Development operations are eligible for the Research Tax Credit.

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