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 PnP a été retenue pour participer au Projet Européen : AEROMUCO avec EADS 

 Dr K.ZAHOUILY est été nommé depuis 2011 Expert Européen à REA ( Research Executive Agency ) à Bruxelles. 

 PnP Participe au Projet Orail II ( pour l'insuline Orale) PnP est membre depuis 2009 D' Oseo Excellence " parmi les 2000 entrepreneurs qui vont de l'avant" 

 Dr K.ZAHOUILY a été a été promu par le Ministre de la défense EN 2010 " chevalier de l´Ordre national du Mérite" La médaille lui a été remise par le Professeur Jean-Marie LEHN Prix Nobel de Chimie.

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UV Curing , Matériaux Photopolymères
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Two features are mainly responsible for the development of industrial photopolymerizable systems;

the speed of the process that transforms, in a split second, the molecule into a polymer material; production at speeds up to 400 m / min. They are applied on different supports, such as metals, plastics, paper and cardboard.

Surface properties of a material can be significantly improved by using high-strength protective coatings, such as those obtained by photoréticulation. Various types of materials are currently protected with UV coating, such as wood, plastics, fiber, paper, leather, textiles, metals, etc. The films of 20 to 100 m thick, increasing the durability of these materials by slowing down the degradation, oxidation, corrosion, aging and wear during use. The introduction of photostabilisation in the resin formulation gives a part to the coating of an anti UV filter and is used to multiply the resistance of polymer materials photoaging.

Although photopolymerization is mainly used for photographic films insolubilisation small thickness, typically between 1 and 100μm, this technology allows graticule samples much thicker. To do this, it makes at low concentrations of photoamorceurs selecting a compound that undergoes rapid photolysis without creating photoproducts absorbing in the near UV. Light radiation can penetrate progressively into the sample to initiate the polymerization of deeper layers. Various types of epoxy resins and acrylates have been reticulated by the frontal photopolymerization on thicknesses up to several centimeters. The use of solar radiation allows for the change of liquid-solid phase in a few minutes at room temperature and process large panels at a zero cost energy.