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 PnP a été retenue pour participer au Projet Européen : AEROMUCO avec EADS 

 Dr K.ZAHOUILY est été nommé depuis 2011 Expert Européen à REA ( Research Executive Agency ) à Bruxelles. 

 PnP Participe au Projet Orail II ( pour l'insuline Orale) PnP est membre depuis 2009 D' Oseo Excellence " parmi les 2000 entrepreneurs qui vont de l'avant" 

 Dr K.ZAHOUILY a été a été promu par le Ministre de la défense EN 2010 " chevalier de l´Ordre national du Mérite" La médaille lui a été remise par le Professeur Jean-Marie LEHN Prix Nobel de Chimie.

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UV Curing , Matériaux Photopolymères
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The advantages of UV technology PDF Print E-mail

Polymerization photoamorcée has several characteristics that differ from polymerizations initiated by thermal way :

suivi d'une réaction de
photopolymérisation par RT-FTIR
  • Speed Polymerization is almost instantaneous, the passage of the molecule to the polymer material happens within a few tenths of a second under intense irradiation, it only requires a low energetical expense.
  • Reduction or absence of VOCs The photoamorcées polymerizations are usually realized at room temperature with resins containing no solvent, thereby reducing the emission of polluting fumes.
  • Space control The reticulation occurs only in spatially defined areas, those exposed to solar radiation, thus achieving relief images at high resolution.
  • Temporal control The reaction can be triggered at a precise and be stopped at any time, by controlling the time of irradiation.
  • The intensity of the light source is adjustable to a very wide range, thereby controlling the speed of priming.
  • Frontal polymerization controlled at room temperature Acting on the wavelength of light radiation and / or the concentration of photoamorcée you can adjust the depth of light penetration and thus the thickness of the polymer layer formed, which can vary from a few micrometers several millimeters.
  • The formulations are monocomponent with great life in the absence of any direct exposure to light.