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Nanocomposite materials PDF Print E-mail

 Since the last decade, polymer based nanocomposites have gained rapidly increasing interest due to combinations of properties they present. In this class of nanocomposite materials formed by the dispersion of clay layers in a polymer matrix is one of the more important since nanocouches silicate particles are positive reinforcement to achieve enhanced mechanical or structural barrier formation which reduces the diffusive transport of small molecules penetrating (gas or steam). Moreover, such nanocomposites often have thermal properties and improved fire.

Because of the small size of these particles reinforcements and surface / volume resulting high, typically nanocomposites, even at low loads, a fraction of interfacial region (interphase) high having a major influence on the physical properties and therefore on the performance of the material. The dynamic behavior of such nanocomposites is not fully understood particularly concerning parties preferentially accommodated in the interfacial regions.

Organophilique treatment of a natural clay

Nanocomposites are a new class of composite materials, which are particle-filled polymers, where at least one dimension of the dispersed particles is in the nanometer scale.

In addition, Photon & Polyers under the responsibility of Prof. Riess, exploring a new route for the synthesis of polymer nanocomposites biphasic alloys and / or colloidal polymer systems.

Such polymer structures biphasic, with inclusion of organic particles and / or minerals, may be used to develop materials with properties that have adjustable limits of our imagination.

Thus polymers and / or mineral nanocharges may enter into such compositions are for example:

  • the latex magnetic cores (ferrite, ...) (steerable structures under magnetic field)
  • the conductive polymers or mineral (PbTiO3, BiMnO3, BiCrO3, P2O5 ...) in the form of nanoparticles dispersed in a matrix by photochemically polymerisable..
Formation de Nanocomposites