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 PnP a été retenue pour participer au Projet Européen : AEROMUCO avec EADS 

 Dr K.ZAHOUILY est été nommé depuis 2011 Expert Européen à REA ( Research Executive Agency ) à Bruxelles. 

 PnP Participe au Projet Orail II ( pour l'insuline Orale) PnP est membre depuis 2009 D' Oseo Excellence " parmi les 2000 entrepreneurs qui vont de l'avant" 

 Dr K.ZAHOUILY a été a été promu par le Ministre de la défense EN 2010 " chevalier de l´Ordre national du Mérite" La médaille lui a été remise par le Professeur Jean-Marie LEHN Prix Nobel de Chimie.

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Photostabilisation and photodegradation PDF Print E-mail

 Photostatbilisation by using
UV curable coating protection

To limit the adverse effects of photochemical degradation of organic materials. The photopolymerization crosslinkers were used in an increasing number of industrial applications because of performance and speed of this process of synthesis. Thus, for many organic materials exposed to the outside, Photon & Polymers has applied this technique to satisfy the need for photochemical stabilization in several industrial projects such as leather, PVC or wood.

Before the development of formulations photopolymerisable adapted to each case (wood, leather, PVC), monitoring and simulation of photodegradation have been studied in pregnant Type Xenotest accelerated photoaging, QUV-A or B. The results show that in all systems studied (without photostabilisation), there was a significant change in physico-chemical properties of the polymer material under the action of an external stimulus easily controllable as light radiation, humidity and or air pollution. Thus, by applying a simple vanished photopolymerizable adapted and optimized, we can first, limit the photochemical degradation of the materials studied, and then improve a number of physico-chemical properties such as chemical resistance, scratch and brightness.