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 PnP a été retenue pour participer au Projet Européen : AEROMUCO avec EADS 

 Dr K.ZAHOUILY est été nommé depuis 2011 Expert Européen à REA ( Research Executive Agency ) à Bruxelles. 

 PnP Participe au Projet Orail II ( pour l'insuline Orale) PnP est membre depuis 2009 D' Oseo Excellence " parmi les 2000 entrepreneurs qui vont de l'avant" 

 Dr K.ZAHOUILY a été a été promu par le Ministre de la défense EN 2010 " chevalier de l´Ordre national du Mérite" La médaille lui a été remise par le Professeur Jean-Marie LEHN Prix Nobel de Chimie.

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Emission Un projet, Une équipe diffusé sur la chaine M6.
UV Curing , Matériaux Photopolymères
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Photon & Polymers

The PnP company, stemming from a joint CNRS and UHA background, is mainly involved in the field of photopolymer materials by promoting environment friendly technologies. It was created in 2001 by Dr. Khalid Zahouily who has been working in this field for over 15 years at the UHA university, in close collaboration with a number of worldwide known companies such as; (Ciba, BASF, Dupont, DSM). PnP offers an effective and profitable collaboration to industrial laboratories interested in photocrosslinkable polymer materials.

PnP has developed various technological innovations covering a large field of applications, mainly in nanotechnologies, electronics, graphic arts, car and building industry, medical engineering.

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  • JPhotons & Polymers
  • JPhotons & Polymers
  • JPhotons & Polymers

Initially implanted on the University campus, PnP has relocated in 2004 in its own building in Lutterbach, which is close to Mulhouse. It now has a fully equipped laboratory with the latest facilities in UV technology. The aim of our team of research scientists is to address and fulfil the innovative requirements of our customers.

PnP has received a number of awards. One in particular was the Hope of the National Industry, selected by Usine Nouvelle in 2005. It was recognized for its contribution to the worldwide reputation of Alsace.